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One Click Privacy Description

One Click Privacy is a powerful system utility that lets you get rid of all online and offline activity trackers so that your personal information always remain secure and clean, and doesn’t fall in wrong hands. The cleaning and tweaking utility is constantly updated to ensure protection against various trending security threats.

Since One Click Privacy is a lightweight utility; it can work well without any conflict with other programs on your PC. Moreover, the user interface is quite simple and intuitive. Download One Click Privacy for free to enjoy secure, fast and seamless PC experience.

One Click Privacy Key features

 > Securely deletes unwanted Internet traces to uphold your privacy

 > Secures your crucial details like Credit Card details and online transaction records to avoid security threats

 > Eliminates the queries related to Internet search engines

 > Deletes download logs created by torrent programs and other similar applications

 > Clears spam/junk folders of email clients

 > Cleans messaging logs, chat, and voice-messaging records to ensure full privacy

The Pros

 > Clears Internet Junk to browse faster

While temporary browsing data, cache, cookies and other internet junk helps you to browse easily, it may also pose as a great risk to your privacy. This unwanted browser data may result in browser crashes and error messages, when browsing the web. So it’s important to delete it. Disk Optimizer Pro removes all unwanted browser data and lets you surf the web safely and seamlessly.

 > Cleans junk files to save disk space

The cleaning and tweaking application for Windows lets you clean unnecessary junk files, including Windows logos, temporary files and data leftover by applications you run on PC to save disk space.

 > Shreds data files

 When you delete a particular application, only its physical address is removed. The file continues to exist somewhere on your hard drive. It can be recovered easily. This may pose great concern for your privacy. This system application uses secure erasure method to delete sensitive files from your PC, ensuring that they will never be recovered by any existing technology.

 > Schedule Manager

You can customize the application to launch and work automatically at a time you feel comfortable.

Bottom Line

One Click Privacy is an ultimate cleaning and tweaking software for Windows. It comes with the best in-built features that lets you effectively speedup your PC and protect it from all kinds of security threats. By deleting unwanted browser junk, the app ensures that you always enjoy secure and seamless web browsing. Also the user interface is simple and intuitive. So anyone with a little knowledge about Windows OS can easily operate it. Operating the application is pretty much fun. You must definitely give it a try once.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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