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Origin Description

Origin is a simple and powerful desktop utility for purchasing and playing EA games on your PC. The software can be seen as an easy and competent replacement for EA Download Manager. Using it, you can purchase and play EA games anywhere, at any time.

The game download manager’s social features lets you create a profile connect and chat with your friends, share your game library, effortlessly join your friends’ games and much more.

For quick and easy installation of games, Origin streamlines the download process. Once you install the download client, you can access your game library from just about anywhere on web. You can also play your favourite games on other PCs as well.

Apart from downloading games, the app also keeps you up-to-date with patches and updates for your game. This means you don’t need to worry about updating your games again and again. They will always be up-to-date.

One thing worth noting is that you can’t run downloaded games without Origin. The DRM system requires the program running when you play the downloaded games.

Key features of Origin

 > Clear and interactive interface

 > In-game overlay to surf the web while playing selected games

 > Quick and easy installation

 > You can create profile, connect with friends, share your game collection, join your friends’ game and much more

The Pros

 > Simple, efficient and easy to use

 > Automatic updates and patches

 > Ability to stream your gameplay sessions

 > Vast collection of critically acclaimed video games

The Cons

 > Only supports EA games

 > You can’t play the downloaded files without it

Bottom line

Origin is an ultimate game downloading application and a perfect replacement to EA download manager. It not only lets you download EA games quite easily, but also manage them effectively. Moreover, the downloaded games are automatically update, which lets you get rid of the need for updating the games again and again. You can also your games with friends as well as joining their games. No doubt several flaws are there; still the download manager does its task effectively.

Overall, Origin is the best game download manager for Windows! You must try it once.

29.94 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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