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PGSurfer Description

PGSurfer is powerful content filtering software that allows parents to protect their children from unwanted content and perilous interactions on the Internet. The program can be used by parents for establishing aprofile for each child and set up different restrictions. It is used to restrict the overall computer usage including Internet surfing.

The parental control software for PC blocks all types of adult and mature content including sexually explicit photos. In addition to this, you can also block websites containing information on narcotic drugs, weapons, racism, hatred, illegal actions, alcohol use as well as gambling.

The full version of PGSurfer for Windows offers you a safe environment for your children to explore online. The application has the ability to block instant messaging services, emails, chat rooms as well as peer-to-peer downloading networks.

Furthermore, the Windows program is able to prevent the downloading and installation of software or files that might be illicit or contain viruses. Download PGSurfer today to safeguard your children from unwanted content available on the web.

ParetoLogic’s PGSurfer puts the power into the hands of parents, thereby making the Internet a safer place for their children. It is effective as a tool to monitor as well as protect your children from the dark side of the Internet.

Key features of PGSurfer

 > Helps you protect your kids from harmful content available online

 > Restricts sites with inappropriate content such as illegal activities, hatred, drug, alcohol use, gambling, etc.

 > Parents can set, edit and refine parameters for their children’s PC usage

 > An automatic summary is created every week elaborating what keywords, sites, and files were blocked by this parental software

 > Allows you to establish profile for each child and thus restrict PC usage for your children to a certain number of hours per week

The Pros

 > Easy to set up and use

 > Assists you with a simple, clean and well-organized user interface

 > Highly customizable

 > Lets you protect your children from adult stuff

 > Safeguards your system from malware apart from working as parental control software

 > Ability to block instant messaging, chat rooms, email, and peer-to-peer downloading networks

The Cons

 > It is not available in languages other than English

 > Allowed websites have to be set up one by one

The Bottom Line

PGSurfer is a great software meant to monitor and control computer-related activities of your children. This child monitoring program is able to prevent the downloading of videos, music, games, and other files that may contain spyware or viruses. All in all, the application empowers parents to help their children use the Internet safely and securely.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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