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PMD Description

PMD (also called Programming Mistake Detector) is a java-based development tool for Windows that helps programmers to analyze and correct their code. Using the app, you can scan your java code for common errors like bugs, unused variables, empty catch blocks, duplicated code, overcomplicated expressions and suboptimal code and fix them accordingly. This way you can relax knowing that the code you’ve created is 100 percent accurate and you’ll have no issues running it.

Developed by David Dixon-Peugh (PMD), the source control utility offers support to various popular languages like Java, JavaScript, XSL, and XML and it is capable of detecting all kinds of errors that can possibly occur in your code. Windows users can download PMD for Windows to analyze and correct their code like a pro.

One feature that will immediately catch your attention in the app is PMD Rule Designer. The feature lets you create additional custom rules for analyzing and correcting your code and utilize them along with the ones included-by-default in the app. You can also optimize your code by ignoring unwanted literals and annotations.

When you execute a rule, PMD creates a new instance of your rule. If you execute multiple threads at the same time, then each thread will use its own instance of the rule. Therefore, rule implementation will work regardless of the number of threads being executed. PMD developer tool makes sure that two different threads do not use a single instance, thus avoiding any concurrency issues.

The code scanner has plugins for the following programs:

 > NetBeans

 > Eclipse

 > JBuilder

 > Maven PMD

 > JDeveloper

 > IntelliJ IDEA

Key features of PMD

 > Efficient app for detecting and correcting code

 > Easy-to-use interface

 > Customize rules for code detection

 > Optimize your code by removing duplicate sections

 > Detect all possible errors in your program in no time

The Pros

 > Free and easy to use

 > Advanced detection of errors in static Java Code

 > Eliminates unnecessary conditions to make your code small and compact

 > Offers plugins for various IDEs

The Cons

 > Too advanced for a novice user

Bottom Line

PMD makes the task of code editing a whole lot easier. Now, there is no need to correct the code manually, as the development tool scans the code for all possible errors and correct them accordingly. This way it ensures that the code you’ve generated is free from bugs.

The Java source code analyzer is just like a boon for programmers as they can easily make changes in the code if they want to. Apart from this, there is an option to insert additional rules for correcting code and optimize code by removing unwanted text and duplicate code. Overall, the app is your complete package for an optimized and error-free code. You must try this at least once. Enjoy!

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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