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PunkBuster Description

PunkBuster is an effective games application for Windows. The desktop utility is designed to offer you a perfect and seamless gaming experience. It is a professional anti-cheat system for multiplayer games that detects and removes cheaters while playing games online.

The anti-cheat solution comes from Even Balance, Inc., who has a long track in indentifying and banishing cheaters from dozens of online games.

PunkBuster performs real-time memory scanning of the computers involved in playing online games to keep your networks safe and free from cheaters. Any computer identified as involved in cheating may be banned from games and entire servers. This way the application ensures that all players compete in a fair and justified gaming environment.

At present the gaming utility is available on all Windows Operating Systems. Since the application has been scanned for viruses and awarded the McAfee SECURE stamp of quality, you don’t need to worry about any bugs or spam, while downloading and installing it.

Also, the cost of PunkBuster’s services is supported by game developers and publishers, which mean gamers don’t have to pay anything for using the application. Windows users can Free Download PunkBuster to enjoy fair and justified gameplay experience.

PunkBuster key features

 > Offers real-time scanning to detect possible hacks and cheats

 > Game-specific cheat research and detection

 > Throttled two-tiered background auto-updates via multiple IMS

 > Offers real-time, continuous memory scanning during gameplay

 > End-to-end security

 > Environment modification detection

The Pros

 > Protected two-tiered background auto-update system using Internet Master Servers to ensure that no false or corrupted update is installed on players’ computers

 > Features “Bad name” facility to ensure that players don’t use offensive names or racial slurs

 > You can also configure PB servers  to randomly check player settings indicating any known exploits of the game engine

 > Supports many major proprietary game engines

 > Features plenty of administrative tools like screenshots, ban lists, streaming, etc.

 > An effective way for protecting your gaming network from the ones using cheats to win the game

The Cons

 > The games-centric software takes full control over users’ gaming software, that some may find unfair

 > Games having no 64-bit version of the software aren’t able to play in PunkBuster enabled servers

 > Windows users without admin accounts cannot connect to any games

Bottom Line

PunkBuster is an ultimate desktop application designed to detect and eliminate cheaters while playing online games. The main objective is to isolate cheaters and avoid disruption in legitimate games.

Aimed at providing you a perfect and hassle-free gaming experience, PunkBuster is the original Anti-Cheat system for online multiplayer games. It’s an effective way to banish cheaters from online games. You must install the computer program on your PC to kick out the ones cheating in online games.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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