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QuickTime Lite Description

QuickTime Lite (also known as QT Lite) is a powerful multimedia application for Windows that was designed as a replacement for Apple’s already popular product. The application is a trimmed down version of the multimedia framework that features only the most necessary components required to play QuickTime content embedded on web pages. The application comes bundled with Media Player Classic, a free media player that supports both QuickTime Lite and Real Alternative.

The QuickTime framework enables Media Player Classic and ZoomPlayer to play QuickTime files embedded in webpages. QuickTime Lite lets you easily play MOV and QuickTime files inside a media player. While some of the players can process these files, others will require DirectShow filters. In such case, you can use a codec pack like K-Lite to prepare your OS for QuickTime files.

The utility proves great owing to its easy installation process, which takes just about a minute to complete. So, you can easily install it within the blink of an eye. However, make sure to uninstall other versions of the application to avoid conflicts and any other issues later.

Since the program is well-designed collection of plugins, it features no interface. Instead you’ll see a Preferences window, which is quite similar as in QuickTime. Here, you can tweak settings related to synthesizer, audio playback, streaming speed/transport and media. You can Free Download QuickTime Lite and start playing your QuickTime files without any problem.

No processes run in the background to consume more power and slow down your system performance and no unwanted bothersome stuff, the program offers a seamless experience.

Key features of QuickTime Lite

 > Quick, easy and hassle-free installation

 > No obsolete features or unwanted stuff

 > No background processes

 > Unattended installation available

 > Trimmed version of Apple QuickTime

The Pros

 > Simple and easy to use

 > Decent configuration options

 > No need for configuration unless you want to

The Cons

 > Lacks proper help tutorials

Bottom Line

QuickTime Lite is a handy tool that does its task quite effectively. It lets you play your Quick Time files very easily, without any need to install additional software to play them. Plenty of customization options are also present, so find time to explore them well! No matter, other applications, which allow QT file playback, are also there, they’re still no match to it both in terms of interface and features. You should definitely go for it once and feel the difference yourself!

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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