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Rapid Typing Tutor Description

Rapid Typing Tutor is an efficient typing application to improve your speed and accuracy at typing. The program includes free and easy courses to help you learn how to use your keyboard more effectively.

The typing trainer is a perfect tool for users of different skill levels, including kids, adults, students and teachers. Using Rapid Typing Tutor for Windows, kids can learn typing through games, while adults can take pre-configured courses and create their own training lessons. Moreover, it also provides an extensive reporting and progress tracking for every student.

The typing utility features statistics option to display your typing performance. The statistics includes 15 different parameters such as characters per minute, words per minute (WPM), and accuracy reports. Download Rapid Typing Tutor to take your typing learning experience to a new level.

The educational software boasts a colorful and intuitive user interface that makes your overall typing course a fun. The application features an array of visual cues that helps you master the computer keyboard. It even provides full course statistics in charts or tabular form.

What’s more, the typing software for PC comes with a full virtual keyboard with both hands moving over it. The virtual keyboard displays the proper typing position for each hand and finger. In case you are using a non-standard keyboard layout, Rapid Typing Tutor automatically creates a new virtual keyboard based on that layout.

Key Features of Rapid Typing Tutor

 > Comprehensive courses: Offers a variety of courses based on different skill levels such as Beginner, Advanced and Expert course. Beginner course helps you learn the key positions whereas Advanced and Expert course allows you to improve and perfect your typing skills using syllables and words

 > Available keyboards: The typing trainer provides support for following keyboards: Dutch, Arabic, French, English, Greek, German, Russian, Hungarian and Spanish

 > Virtual Keyboard: Helps you find the correct finger placements on your keyboard. It supports QWERTZ, QWERTY, Dvorak, AZERTY, Colemak, BEPO, ABNT2, and many others

 > Progress tracking: Provides a complete report of your progress during exercises and courses. It displays your typing speed, accuracy and time-out in a statistical manner

 > Built-in lesson editor: Allows you to edit and modify typing lessons as per your need

The Pros

 > Support for multiple users

 > Displays moving hands on virtual keyboard

 > Available in several languages, including Russian, Serbian, Bosnian and Kurdish

 > You can create your own typing course

 > Simple and intuitive interface

The Cons                

 > Some built-in lessons includes typos and grammatical errors

The Bottom Line

Rapid Typing Tutor features a series of easy lessons helping you learn typing efficiently, without even looking at the keyboard. Get better in typing with fun by using this feature-packed, colorful and intuitive typing tutor.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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