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Razer Cortex Description

Developed by Razer, Razer Cortex is a powerful game booster for Windows that helps you improve your system’s gaming performance. The desktop utility offers you a number of useful tools in order to provide a smooth, stable, and fast gaming experience.

One of the best functions of this program is to let you find great deals. You can easily find bargain deals on games. The game manager for PC offers a price comparison engine that allows you to stay up-to-date with price drops across various stores, including Amazon.com, Green Man Gaming, GOG, Origin, and Steam.

What’s more interesting, the latest version of Razer Cortex comes with some impressive tools such as a screen capture gallery and a save file backup function. There is also a game booster that claims to optimize the performance of your system during and after in-game alterations.

Razer Cortex for Windows includes a screen capturing tool if you want to record your experience in any of your games. You’re allowed to capture screenshots and record gameplay footage. Not only this but you can also share in-game moments on social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube. This way, you’re able to share your favorite playing moments with all your buddies.

The utility maximizes your machine performance to offer you higher frames per second by automatically killing unnecessary processes and apps while you’re playing. Razer Cortex game booster helps you manage your machine’s resources so you can have more memory or processing power given to your game of choice.

Razer Cortex is an all-in-one software solution as it packs a performance booster, VR capabilities, as well as a savegame manager in order to store your data in the cloud and sync it across multiple machines.

Download Razer Cortex today to keep track of your games and improve your computer’s performance.

Key features of Razer Cortex

 > Quick Game Launcher

 > Auto-boosts your gaming session

 > Defrags your folder for faster loading

 > Provides instant feedback with built-in FPS counter

 > Price comparison engine

 > You can easily get the latest updates for price drops on all the top most digital game stores

 > Search engine for online game deals

 > Unlocks your computer’s full potential with an array of performance optimization tools for higher frames per second

 > Includes a game manager

 > Gamecaster enables you to stream, record and screenshot your moments regardless of what game you’re playing

 > You can get complete access to your gaming library

The Pros

 > Easy to navigate, even by beginners

 > Equipped with user-friendly interface

 > Manages your games

 > Greatly improves your gameplay experience

 > Ability to find the best gaming deals

 > Lets you capture screenshots and record videos

 > Allows you to record your most epic gaming moments and share them on Facebook and YouTube

The Cons

 > Requires log in

The Bottom Line

Razer Cortex is one of the most effective Windows software that allows you to launch games while optimizing PC performance. You’re able to record in-game footage and find bargain deals on games. The application has the ability to back up your saved files and store them in the cloud. Moreover, the social side of the program is well supported with good functionality that allows you to share playing moments on social networking platforms.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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