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ROBLOX Description

ROBLOX is one of those MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games that let you play co-op with thousands of players all around the world. The game is developed by Roblox Coporation, and allows players to create or join a virtual world, which acts a medium of social interaction between players sharing the same virtual world.

More than 15 mn user-generated games are available in ROBLOX. You can join and create attention-grabbing games in the virtual space and play with your friends and other ROBLOX members with like-mindedness. Games offered by the online platform covers a number of genres, ranging from adventure to role-playing; readily available to all users.

The online gaming platform for Windows lets you create architectures using blocks, termed bricks, which differ in size, shapes and colors. The online virtual gaming platform lets you explore thousands of unreal worlds, and create your very own part in them. It allows for a lot of creative freedom and is perfect for young minds, ranging from ages 8 to 18. Download ROBLOX launcher now and start creating your very own virtual worlds.

ROBLOX requires an active Internet connection to play. It offers an immersive 3D environment that can be adjusted as per the needs of players. The virtual worlds can feature many real-life elements like trees, buildings, mountains, sea, etc. You can also blend the virtual world with fantasy elements like mythological figures, unreal terrains, life-supporting alien planets, etc. The game is 100% kid-friendly.

Salient features of Roblox

 > Unlimited virtual space – Lets you explore a limitless virtual space, which serves as the main playground for all your creations.

 > Play games created by players – More than 15 mn games are available on the MMO platform, allowing you to join other players in a common quest or battle each other.

 > Family-friendly – The game is void of any mature-rated content.

 > Easy sign up – Takes less than 5 minutes to completely set up a new ROBOLOX game id.

 > Parental login – Let’s you manage and control your child’s activity in the ROBOLOX atmosphere.


 > Gigantic community with millions of users, across the world

 > Fully customizable building blocks called bricks

 > Excellent for curious and challenge-loving kids and teenagers

 > Customizable characters

 > Thousands of readily available user-created virtual worlds


 > Sluggish game engine

 > Limited features for free members

 > Not intuitive, takes some time to get the hang of it

The Bottom Line

ROBLOX is already hugely popular with millions of users around the globe. The game lets you play endlessly in a virtual space which lets you keep all the data on the game servers. New functionalities are frequently added to the game to enhance its productivity and widen its feature list.

40 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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