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Safari Description

Safari is one of the many web browsers available that makes your browsing experience more joyful, sophisticated and easily facilitated. This web browser promises rapid surfing, keeping in line with web security. For an improved browsing experience, free download safari and enjoy its tabbed browsing and enhanced security features.

Giving you an enriched experience with customizable security options at the same time, it also allows seamless surfing across all your devices. It always assists you with up-to-date list of your passwords, history, bookmarks, tabs, and many more.

Salient Features of Safari

 Built-in JavaScript engine enables fast browsing experience along with energy saving.

Private browsing windows

History of private browsing is not logged in by Safari.

Blocks their party cookies

Generally, web pages leave cookies on your system which could hinder your browsing experience; it blocks these cookies by default.

Sandboxing Feature

This browser has a built-in protection against malware and malicious codes. Sandboxing restricts websites’ harmful codes to enter the browser which could otherwise crash the browser.

Security from harmful websites

It withholds access to harmful websites that could harbor malware.

Add Extensions

Users can add their favorite extensions to the browser.

It has a built-in source rendering engine which includes Web Inspector. With the assistance of Web Inspector, developers can create progressive web applications.

Tabbed Browsing

Users can find tabs at the top of the Safari browser which support multiple windows for a better browsing experience.

The Pros

  > An elegant web browser with modest interface

  > Satisfying its users with fast browsing and over-the-top privacy options is prominent

  >Comes with effective share menu and share links highlight. While browsing, users can share links and files with the airdrop, mailing or messaging option available in the side bar.

The cons

For windows, it is not regularly updated by Apple, since it generally is for Mac users. By default, Apple’s inclination is towards promoting their products; and hence, lack of frequent updates and upgrades in Windows qualifies for a con.

Bottom Line

Safari, being a product of Apple, one of the most globally endorsed brands, entails prominent features, sophisticated interface and an overall satiating experience. With high-end security and privacy options it provides, you can distinctively tell its difference from its competitors. Download Safari for free to ensure that all unwanted ads and malware are banished, in addition to a genuine opportunity that web developers get for creating advanced applications through the browser’s Web Inspector.

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