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Search Private for Chrome Description

Search Private for Chrome is an extension that comes with several convenient features and functions. The Chrome extension does not store any of your personal information and simultaneously, improves your web browsing experience.

As you know that many websites use SSL encryption in order to ensure that the connection between your browser and the site’s servers is encrypted. On the other hand, while designing security systems, this Chrome browsers' plugin implements Perfect-Forward Secrecy that is an extra layer of protection along with a sturdy improvement over the standard SSL, which is used by many other search engines.

What’s more, Search Private for Chrome has added an advanced feature that you need to check out. While looking through your browser history on any of the search engine, anyone can be able to see what you have been searching for. However, when you use Search Private, searching through your browser history will not unveil any of your searches. In addition, clicking on one of the links will not show what you’ve searched for.

Apart from this, the extension for Chrome does not use analytics on search engine so that your searches won’t follow you around on the web. It helps you keep your personal data and searches away from the prying eyes. The application holds your privacy above everything else.

Download Search Private for Chrome today to explore the web like never before.

Key features of Search Private for Chrome

 > High standards of encryption

 > Privacy enhanced search engine

 > No use of third party tools or analytics

 > Secures your privacy

 > Does not store and share your personal data

The Pros

 > Easy to navigate, even by beginners

 > Enhances your browsing experience

 > Keeps you searches private

 > Fast and stable Internet browser with great performance

 > Equipped with a clean and user-friendly interface

The Cons

 > Not very flexible

The Bottom Line

Falling under the category of Browsers & Plugins, Search Private for Chrome is a search extension that sets the default search for users and provides search via the New Tab page. All you need to do is toggle the switch ON/OFF on the New Tab page in order to run safe searches. It does not gain access to your private info and indeed protects you so that you can search the web without any worry. Overall, the extension stores your every search and maintains your privacy. You must try it once!

This plugin is also available for Mozilla Firefox browser with the name Search Private Search Engine.

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