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Search Private Search Engine Description

Search Private Search Engine is a Firefox add-on that allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited. The application helps you search on the web without any difficulty as well as offers several convenient features and functions for an easy access.

The browser’s plugin does not store your personal information and never asks you for any private details to use their search services. Search Private for Firefox has the ability to maintain your privacy while you search anything on the Internet. Most of the search engines store every search as you type but this plugin holds your privacy above everything else.

Various websites use SSL encryption to ensure that the connection between the website’s servers and your browser is encrypted. On the other hand, while designing the security systems, Search Private for Mozilla Firefox implements Perfect-Forward Secrecy that is an extra layer of protection. It is a strong improvement over the standard SSL which many other search engines use.

Furthermore, anyone can be able to access your history while looking through your browser history on a normal search engine. But that’s not the case in Search Private. While you use this plugin, searching through your browser history will not show any of your searches. Moreover, clicking on any of the links will not reveal what you’ve been searching for.

Several websites use Analytics packages to analyze their userbase and store data about who’s accessing their website. This way, the Analytics developers give your personal data to advertisers. On the other hand, the application does not use analytics on search engine so that your searches remain safe and secure.

Download Search Private Search Engine for Firefox now to enhance your web browsing experience.

Key features of Search Private Search Engine for Firefox

 > Ability to protect your privacy

 > Allows you to search on the web with ease

 > Does not collect or share your personal information

 > Highest standards of encryption

 > Implements Perfect-Forward Secrecy

 > No use of analytics and any other third-party tools

 > Provides a quick access to websites

The Pros

 > Easy and smooth navigations

 > Assists you with a simple yet intuitive UI

 > Secures your personal information

 > Improves your browsing experience

 > Provides protection that runs on every browser tab

The Cons

 > Not very flexible

 > Sometimes, slows down

The Bottom Line

Search Private Search Engine for Mozilla Firefox is a simple yet powerful application that helps you safely browse the web while maintaining your privacy. Comes under the category of Browsers & Plugins, it lets you browse websites without your history being tracked on your system. The Windows program offers you a pleasant and secure web experience. Go for it!

This plugin is also available for Google Chrome browser with the name Search Private for Chrome.

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