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SharpDevelop Description

SharpDevelop is a powerful, effective, and open-source IDE for.NET platform. The application lets you edit code in several languages such as C#, F#, VB.NET, IronPython, IronRuby as well as ASP.NET.

The developer tool supports a wide array of coding formats, including CD, BOO, ASPS, CS, VB, EDMX, WXS, XML, SDPS, PY, RB, and SRD, and more. You can edit your existing projects or start new ones without any hitch using this multifunctional Windows application.

SharpDevelop for Windows boasts a well-organized and functional UI that comes with numerous panels, providing views on different aspects of your projects from a single window. It is quite easy to use and consists of many useful tools to assist you along the way.

The software provides you with code completion functions by typing . (dot) at the end of the targeted object’s name. SharpDevelop offers you a list of alternative properties, methods or events, allowing you to write your code more quickly and efficiently.

The editor for PC features a Code Debugger so you can easily determine if your program contains a bug which could prevent it from functioning properly. The Debug function can be targeted at a CallStack, BreakPoint, Console, Threads, Local Variables, Object Graph, and many others.

Apart from this, the latest version of SharpDevelop includes a Code Generator that automatically creates code for ToString Methods, Interfaces, Overridable Properties and others, saving you from the unnecessary effort to write code by hand.

What’s more, the IDE software comes with an integrated unit and a set of performance testing tools, Git, NuGet, and a stack of productive developer features. In addition, it also supports read-only projects. Download SharpDevelop today to create C# and VB.NET projects without any difficulty.

Key features of SharpDevelop

 > Includes various functions to develop your .NET Framework projects

 > Complex yet reliable IDE for C# and VB.NET projects

 > Includes XML editing

 > XML documentation preview

 > Syntax highlighting for C#, ASP, HTML, ASP.NET, VBScript, XML, VB.NET

 > Code template support

 > Integrated debugger

The Pros

 > Simple to use

 > Assists you to create C# and VB.NET software

 > You can bookmark your code

 > You can add new projects or file types, or even compilers to SharpDevelop

The Cons

 > Beginners may take a while to understand it

The Bottom Line

SharpDevelop is a powerful development program for Windows that gives you all the tools required to create C# and VB.NET projects. The utility demands a simple installation process. Once installed, you can easily start working with this application by launching it from the shortcut on your desktop.

Overall, SharpDevelop offers you all the features of a modern Windows IDE such as code completion, an integrated debugger, project templates, and a forms designer.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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