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Shockwave Player Description

Adobe (Macromedia) Shockwave Player is a free, fast and efficient browser plug-in that helps users enjoy interactive animations and a wide range of other web content such as presentations, software tutorials, games, etc.

Adobe Shockwave Player is used by more than 450 million Internet users. This small plug-in can help you access the best the web has on offer – including highly interactive and useful content like entertainment, sparkling 3D games, online learning applications and product demonstrations. Shockwave Player flaunts web content created by Adobe Director.

The plugin serves as the web standard for brilliant multimedia playback features. It ranks among the best browsers and plugins for Windows and lets you view engaging web content, including games, entertainment, business presentations and ads from your web browser.

Install Shockwave Player for Windows to access the best content across the web. It includes compelling 3D games, entertainment, intriguing product demonstrations, and e-learning apps as well. Shockwave Player shows web content that is created by Adobe Director. The plugin even offers content developed with previous versions and Director MX 2004.

The multimedia playback tool, unlike Adobe Flash, shows destination web content like e-merchandising apps, rich-media multi-user games, and interactive online multimedia product training and demos.

You can also install Shockwave Player for Firefox or Shockwave Player for Internet Explorer. Adobe Macromedia Shockwave Player Free Download to get the best out of web content.

Key features of Shockwave Player

 > Exciting textures and shaders

 > Fabulous post-processing effects

 > Stereoscopy with Adobe Director 12

 > Supports both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

 > Unicode support

 > Excellent 3D support

 > Bitmap filters

 > Simple multiversion output

 > Allows you to create brilliant surround sound multimedia

 > H.264 video integration

 > Parallax, Cube and Normal mapping

 > Cloth simulation abilities

 > Character Control abilities

 > Compelling Script browser

 > Additional advanced features


 > A reliable product by Adobe

 > Multi features

 > Easy to use

 > Clean interface

 > Wide usage


 > Not completely free

 > Still lags behind Adobe Flash Player

The bottom line

Adobe Shockwave Player ranks among top browsers and plugins. The program is installed on thousands and millions of PCs across the globe. The quick an easy interface is that makes the free program more popular among the users.

The plugin needs to view the content. Get the Macromedia Shockwave Player free software and revive your experience with the interactive content throughout the web. Adobe multimedia product is definitely your best bet when it comes to a reliable, simple, and user-friendly browsers and plugins for media and web content.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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