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ShowMyPC Description

ShowMyPC is an efficient yet powerful networking tool for Windows that is designed to connect and remotely access any Home or Office PC with ease. Available as an open-source PC collaboration tool, it allows you to connect to another system via the Internet.

The remote PC access software offers an avalanche of features one would need to manage computers with the help of Internet connection. The remote control software relies on SSH port forwarding so that there is no need to enter more information about another system apart from randomly generated password. In case you’ve forgotten the login details of the remote PC, you have to reinstall the service as the Windows application doesn’t provide any help to reset the password.

Furthermore, the latest version of ShowMyPC allows you to configure private and proxy servers in order to enhance security. This intuitive and easygoing tool lets you view and access another PC when multiple users need to see the same thing. The free remote desktop utility is ideal when you want to access and manage multiple unattended computers for support.

The remote access program is used extensively across the globe by IT companies offering remote technical assistance services. It allows companies to work together online with business partners, colleagues, and customers in real time. You can use this business software for online meetings, remote support, as well as remote access.

ShowMyPC’s full version offers premium services and many integration options for research and development. You can work with remote co-workers via web conferences and plan online meetings without having to travel to another location. Moreover, you can host and join scheduled meetings. It is possible to schedule a meeting via Microsoft Outlook or web. In order to schedule a meeting, you need to enter the desired numeric password and click on Invite Users. Apart from this, the HTML Viewer can be accessed from the Viewer button in your account home page, or via meeting or meeting invite link.

The latest, free, and premium remote support version for online meetings enables you to send screenshots to anyone via a simple screenshot or link. You can share the link with anyone via email, phone, Twitter, or any chat system. It is a quick way to show your presentations or Windows messages to remote users. What’s more, ShowMyPC for Windows provides a number of applicable and easy-to-use sharing tools such as file sync, data transfer, and desktop sharing, among others.

On top of that, the remote desktop sharing tool allows business partners to share documents or gain access to the target system for technical concerns. You can easily control, print and manage files located on a remote PC. ShowMyPC remote access software enables you to broadcast your screen to provide powerpoint presentations and demonstrations. In this way, you can provide better customer support through online demonstrations and save your time by responding quickly to customer calls through remote support.

ShowMyPC shared storage provides you with an easy way to share files between different users or computers. You can transfer your files between a Windows, Mac, and Linux using this browser-based shared folder system. In addition to this, you can also refresh your system to see any freshly uploaded file by the user during meeting. Also, it is not possible for any user to access your PC using ShowMyPC after the program has been closed.

The network application requires the administrator and client to access the ShowMyPC website you create when you register and download the server onto the system you wish to access remotely. You can then download the viewer or access it from your website. Furthermore, if you’re not able to connect to a remote PC then you need to verify that your remote PC is still on network. It should not be on sleep or hibernate mode. You can try with another user remotely in order to verify your local connections. In addition, if you’re not able to download a file or install due to an antivirus then you can disable it for 15 minutes.

The remote computing tool includes a feature named “Reconnect on Reboot” that helps you in support session if you want to reboot a remote PC and reconnect. It is a great solution for home and business users to access their computer from anywhere and receive remote support. Download ShowMyPC today to manage multiple Windows computers via the Internet.

How does ShowMyPC work?

 > Users who want to remotely access other PCs have to download and install the software on their Windows PC

 > Users who want to share their PCs with others need to click on “Show My PC Now” option. On the other hand, users who want to view, need to click on “View Remote PC” option

 > As soon as you follow the process, the application generates a password that users need to share in order to access others PC

 > Once connected with other PCs, you are able to send various commands using dedicated tools

Key features of ShowMyPC

 > Remote PC access implementation program

 > Desktop sharing, Screen sharing, and Helpdesk system

 > Helpdesk system lets you manage your support requests

 > Proxy and HTTP support offered

 > Built-in Chat WhiteBoard feature for in-sharing conversations

 > Supports Windows RDP Support across firewalls

 > Lets you manage your support requests on your website

 > You can specify a fixed predefined password for each support person

 > Provides tools for instant collaboration with service providers and users

 > Enables you to schedule online meetings or conferences with remote colleagues

 > Helps companies achieve their business and financial goals faster and more efficiently

 > You can record comments during support session

 > Multiple users can join a conference chat room or share screen

 > Remote users can access your PC with a password (no IP address needed)

 > Screen sharing for online presentations

 > Make sure Internet Explorer works on both the Viewer and Remote PC

 > While installing Access Home or Office Service, UAC (User Account Control) should be turned on

 > ShowMyPC browser-based viewer gives you the ability to easily view a remote user’s screen

 > You can get session links automatically in your email or phone

 > You can use your own local fast private servers or virtual machines (Windows or Linux)

 > Any other use of VNC Viewer can conflict with ShowMyPC

 > You need to make sure that you are not connected to any VPN

 > You can get your customized domain and generate revenue by helping and training remotely

 > You can view all your unattended PCs from your account page

 > Reboot may help in terminating any conflicting programs

 > Premium version is available for commercial use

 > Your home page will have integrated support to start and view meeting from Mac and Linux

 > Compatible with all versions of Windows

Additional features

 > Combines VNC remote access technology with an open-source SSH forwarding client

 > Includes a broadcasting feature to show a product demo

 > Comes with a Remote printing feature

 > Provides optimal support services

 > Helpdesk Ticket system is available

 > Free Helpdesk system with business plan

The Pros

 > Easy and smooth navigations

 > Assists you with a simple yet user-friendly interface

 > Helps you manage multiple unattended PCs

 > Lets you share your desktop remotely

 > Allows you to view and access another PC

 > You can use your account on as many PCs as you wish

 > Lets you unlock remote PC

 > Improves the collaboration between co-workers

 > Delivers fast, effective, and measurable support

 > Helps you track lost or stolen PCs

 > Offers tools that help users to collaborate online

 > Enables you to capture screenshots

 > You can access your office PC in need while you sit at home

 > Uses minimum amount of CPU and system memory

 > Optimal response time

 > Lets you access from any mobile device

The Cons

 > It hosts very basic user interface

 > Beginners may take a while to understand its features

 > You can only send a limited number of keyboard shortcuts to the host PC

 > Some of the antivirus software or few firewall may block ShowMyPC. You need to update your antivirus software

The Bottom Line

ShowMyPC is one of the most useful remote control PC solutions that allow you to connect to another system via the Internet and control the workstation. When you are in need of technical support on your Home or Office PC, it becomes difficult to discuss over the phone. With ShowMyPC remote access software, you are able to handle work from home or operate your Home PC from work.

Collaborate online in style with ShowMyPC, it is a free and reliable tool that is compatible with PCs running Windows, MAC OS, or Linux. This PC remote control utility includes some standout features that make it a good choice for coordinating between a local and remote PC. Overall, it is an easy-to-use application that certainly makes sharing quicker and easier.

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