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Snagit Description

Snagit is a powerful and widely acclaimed image editing tool for Windows. The screenshot capture tool is heavily used by IT professionals around the world for taking screenshots of regions selected from Windows or web pages for creating advanced documentation such as presentations, manuals, tutorials, etc.

Techsmith Snagit offers great image manipulation features and you can capture either the entire web page or window, or a part of it. In addition, it is used to record stills and videos. A wide array of tools are available for creative image editing such as cutting, resizing, framing, coloring, annotating, etc. You can also add various fancy effects such as shadows, perspective and page-curl.

But that’s not all: Snagit also supports instant video and image sharing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or over FTP and Email. Download Snagit for free to enjoy an incredible image editing experience. Try it and you will feel the difference. 

Key Features of Snagit

 > Scrolling capture

The image editing software comes with the scrolling capture feature that lets you quickly capture a full-page screenshot. You just need to select and scroll the particular area you want to capture. This way the graphics editor lets you capture screenshots quite easily and swiftly.

 > Panoramic capture

Instead of taking individual screenshots and editing them together, Snagit allows you to capture wide, horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling WebPages and everything in between once.

 > Animated GIF

The photo editor allows you to turn any short recording into an animated GIF, which you can use later in presentations and manuals.

 > Powerful Editor

The photo editing application comes with a powerful built-in editor that lets you quickly edit and manage images. Here you can not only apply basic touch-ups to your screenshots, but you can also do creative image editing like resizing, cutting, colouring, framing, image combining etc. You can try video editing as well.


 > Clear-cut Interface

 > Simple and easy to use

 > Built-in Editing Options

 > Interactive user interface

 > Useful help tutorials


 > Problem setting up email with the program

Setting up email account to work with the image editor can be a bit difficult. Your email account may not be configured properly.

 > Lacks secure FTP

The graphics editor doesn’t have a secure FTP. So there is no guarantee that the edited files will be securely transferred.

 > Overwhelming for basic tasks

For professional use, the image editor is an ultimate option but if all you want to do is capture screenshots, the Windows 7 & 8 snip tool is enough for you. Snagit can be a bit overwhelming for such basic tasks. Those help tips, excess menus, throwing videos and advanced settings may seem strange and complex to novices.

Bottom Line

Snagit is one of the best alternate options available in the market. It not only helps you capture screenshots, but also helps you edit and manage them properly. The editor comes with a wide range of tools that lets you effectively edit captured screenshots. Useful help tutorials are also present. 

Snagit is a great graphics manipulation tool for people who frequently need to take specific screenshots.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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