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Sublime Text Description

Sublime Text editor is a comprehensive development tool that lets you edit codes and other text on your PC. Using the utility, you can easily edit commands, reformat paragraphs, create snippets and much more.

The text editor is specially designed for programmers and writers, who need to code every day. You can also edit simple text and MS word files in the tool.

One thing you’ll admire the most in Sublime Text is its minimalist interface which can be easily customized. You can select different color schemes to highlight different text. Apart from this, a handy mini-map on the right side makes it a lot easier to scroll from top to bottom.

Those who’re still thinking that the text editor doesn't have much to offer are completely wrong. The development tool supports most programming languages and lets you edit multiple documents at a time. Also, there are several other features like syntax highlighting, code snippets, syntax highlighting, and the ability to switch between project-specific and platform-specific settings that make the utility a worthy tool to edit your apps. Windows users can download Sublime Text for Windows to make the process to edit code faster.

You can also use the Goto Anything feature to quickly navigate to a particular line of the documents if you want to make sudden changes.

Apart from this, the editing tool is small in size which means it will not take much time to install and will run swiftly on your PC, without having any impact on system performance.

Key features of Sublime Text editor

 > Comprehensive word processor with advanced capabilities

 > Multiple selections

 > Distraction Free Mode

 > Instant project Switch

 > Split Editing

 > Cross-platform support

 > Supports many language grammars

 > Spell-check function to correct the text you type

The Pros

 > Interactive user interface 

 > Quick installation process

 > Faster start up

 > Effective response time

 > Supports many programming languages

 > You can customize just about anything

 > Offers support for macros and plugins

 > Frequent updates

The Cons

 > Not all the features can be accessed for free

Bottom Line

Sublime Text is the perfect tool to edit your code. The text editor’s USP is that it only focuses on what’s important and leaves other irrelevant stuff out so that you can focus where you need to make changes. This will save both your time and your energy. Apart from this, the comprehensive interface and plenty of customization options result in best-in-class performance.

In simple words, it offers everything you need and is your perfect bet for an efficient code editor that supports multiple languages. You must try it at least once.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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