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SugarSync Description

SugarSync is an efficient cloud storage utility that allows you to back up your important documents with great ease. The file transfer application helps you synchronize and share your personal data across all remote computers or other devices.

In order to work with this online storage program, you need to set up your SugarSync account with an email address and a password. After creating your account, you can easily access your confidential data from any Windows machine with Internet access. The utility works in the background and syncs your files and folders whenever you make any change.

For uploading any document to your account, you can simply use the “Select” icon present at the lower edge of the screen and browse through your system for the document that you need. After this, you can load it via “Add” icon. The online backup service lets you upload several file types, including music, video, and .exe files.

On top of that, SugarSync for Windows has a tabbed interface, allowing you to switch between its numerous functions, specifically “Cloud”, “Sharing” and “Activity”. In addition, the software offers various menus for easy access when trying to sync or share a specific directory. The application provides you up to 5GB of free online storage during the trial period, after that, you can upgrade to some more GBs either for a monthly or annual fee.

The latest version of SugarSync gives industry-standard secure (SSL 3.3) transport layer security data encryption and handshake protocols during both uploads as well as downloads over the Internet for your security.

Download SugarSync to start storing and sharing your content online with your friends.

Key features of SugarSync

 > Ability to provide a cloud storage service

 > Offers 100% privacy and security

 > Online collaboration using folder sharing

 > “Shared With Me” tab enables you to list the folders that other users have allowed you to access

 > You can share synced data with any of your contacts

 > SugarSync’s online backup service works quietly in the background without interfering with your productivity

 > File security provided by “read-only” access

 > Remote editing capability

 > Generates public links

 > Admin dashboard: storage space limits, access control, and activity log configuration

 > You can create new folders, and upload as well as download content

 > Microsoft Outlook compatibility: the app links files and tracks downloads via Exchange Server

The Pros

 > Provides 5GB of free cloud storage with the trial period

 > Allows you to backup single files or folders

 > Built-in search tool

 > You can rename or delete folders

 > Lets you share and sync your photos, videos and other content from any PC

The Cons

 > Initial backup may take a while, depending upon the combined size of your files. After that, the app automatically backs up data that you work on.

The Bottom Line

SugarSync is an easy-to-use tool that gives you a number of options and features you’re going to need to backup your content and restore them. The Windows program is designed to help you securely transfer and store your personal data, as well as share the files that are stored in the cloud. As soon as you sync the content with your cloud account, you can access the uploaded document from any location as all you required is an Internet connection.

Overall, SugarSync is the perfect solution if you’re looking to backup your data online and be able to access it on the go.

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