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TypeFaster Typing Tutor Description

TypeFaster Typing Tutor is a powerful educational software that helps you learn touch typing and improve your typing skills. Once you learn touch-type, there will be no need to look at the keyboard to search for the letters you wish for in order to type any document. Supporting multiple languages and keyboard layouts, it helps you find the correct placement of your finger and provides clear indication regarding that.

In order to take your typing speed to the next level without looking at the keyboard you can free download TypeFaster Typing Tutor educational software.This typing software comes in three different versions: standard, accessible and Spanish.

With typing statistics feature, it keeps record of all your progress and completely helps you by creating custom exercises for the mistakes you make during typing your lessons. This simple and learning application facilitates you with different aspects like:

  1. Single-user support: for one user working on one computer.
  2. Multi-user support: for a number of users on one computer (the progress and settings of each user is stored and they can access with their own login).
  3. Multi-user with teacher support:you can use this feature by selecting a teacher. Here you work as per the guidance given along with the lessons specified by the teacher.

This typing tutor integrates with many other features that lend a helping hand to perk up your typing skills like customizable typing lessons, backspace support, variable text size and lesson progress indicator.

Key features of TypeFaster Typing Tutor

> Easy to use

> Multilingual trainer

>Offers support for various keyboard layouts

> Great tool to learn fast typing

> Helps you find the keys for typing your text without gazing at the keyboard

>Supporting multiple users along with teacher assistance


> Helps you improve your typing skills

> Offers clear indication for the use of your fingers

> A 3D typing game

> Offers prose and poem lessons to practice on

> Offers right to left text support


Comparatively this typing tutor is not as advanced as others are

Bottom Line

Aimed to teach touch-type, it allows you to keep your eyes on the screen while typing and never look at the keyboard. Download TypeFaster Typing Tutor for free to enhance you typing skills and find betterment in your typing with having fun.  You must try out this educational application by clicking the green button above as this application is completely free with full source code availability.

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