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Verity Parental control Description

Verity Parental Control proves to be highly useful for parents who worry a lot for their kids falling into webpages and websites they don’t want their children to see.

Verity is a powerful software allowing parents to control all Internet activities. With this application, parents can easily and carefully monitor all activities on a system, thus, helping them to keep their kids safe online. The best thing is that it works even offline!

Apart from it, parents can even block unsuitable applications and websites that they feel offensive or inappropriate for kids.

You can monitor all activities in your system at your discretion. The Internet utility shows a status of all activities along with the time and duration at which they were accessed.

Moreover, it also lets you check apps launched by mistake. It does so by showing the total number of mouse clicks and keystrokes for each.

There are a number of parent control applications for Windows available in the market; however, none can offer you a feature-rich experience like Verity does. Download Verity Parental Control for Windows to prevent your kids from misusing the Internet. Once you use it, you will know that most of the features in this monitoring program are one of its own kinds.

Salient Features of Verity Parental Control

 > Excellent logging

Verity has an effective recording mechanism to make your children safer online. You can keep an eye on the activity of your kids by recording programs and websites, including programs run or attempted to run, as well as loggers of all online chats, programs downloaded, as well as times logged in and out of Windows.

 > Screenshots

Verity Parental Control software takes screenshots - at regular and specified intervals of time - of whatever is happening on your computer. You can examine screenshots of your kids’ actions, according to date and time.  Clicking on the thumbnails lets you view images in full size. You can specify the interval after which you want screenshots to be taken.

 > Block applications

You can whitelist as well as blacklist applications whenever you desire so - all you need to know are executable file names.

 > Setting Usage Time

You can set usage time for your children with regard to time they spend on websites and applications. This way, you can make your children punctual with regard to their online and offline usage of the computer by setting their time limits.

 > Create your own standards

There are no pre-set options for age groups when it comes to using Verity Parental Control. That means there are no different set standards for young children, teens, and other age groups. This is very useful tool if you like to create your own standards for protecting your children.

 > Check reports from any Internet-connected device

Using the child monitoring application, you can protect your kids by checking reports from any Internet-connected device.

 > Easy Installation

The installation process of Verity is quite a cakewalk. There are very few steps and one doesn’t require selecting from options.

 > Friendly and effective support

The customer support is quite effective with live chat support available round the clock.

 > Prohibited Activities

You can block specific programs or websites by entering them in the Prohibited Activities tab under Parental Controls.  Blocking can be done either by domain or keyword.

The Pros

You need only an Internet access to modify records, permissions, restrictions and other Verity Parental Control settings when away from your main system. Each setting that you altered on the application can be accessed online via the logs where they are available for review and changes.

The Cons

No mobile or Mac version

Bottom Line

The intuitive design and full-fledged set of specifications make Verity a popular choice among the best parental controls software in the market. The application offers a number of advanced tools that comes bundled in a simple, easy, and interactive user-interface.

There’s also a useful help file that lists all necessary features of the application. All in all, Verity Parental Control for PC is a great solution when it comes to keep your kids safe online.

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