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Visual Studio Premium Description

Visual Studio Premium developed by Microsoft is an IDE (Integrated Development environment). It assists you with many resources which can be used to build productive and high-quality applications. You can free download Visual Studio Premium developer tool to develop computer programs, websites, web services and web applications. Efficient for producing both native and managed codes, it utilizes Microsoft software development platforms.

It includes many advance tools that can be used by development team to test, develop, plan and operate applications. Without having connection to any other platforms, programmers and developers can create Windows application software with this tool. You can discuss your products with Team Room as this feature collaborate your team’s collective knowledge and centralized by all the contributors for visibility along with the visualization of your team’s progress.

Visual Studio supports various programming languages includes C#, C++, basic, and even some less popular ones as well (Python or ruby). In order to increase your productivity this developer tool is one of the best options among others either for writing codes, testing, building databases or debugging of various programs.

You can be innovative for creating web and Windows applications with its modeling, prototyping and visual design tools. It completely helps you to work your way with multi-monitor support, new editor and partner extensions. You can test your application with automated and manual testing tools to check whether you are on a right way or missing somewhere.

Key features of Visual Studio Premium

  > Easy to use, even for beginners

  > Offers user-friendly integrated development environment

  >  Offers agile practices

  > Lets you discuss your work in progress with ‘Team Room’

  > Helps to create your imagination with opening of new possibilities

  > Ensures quality results with the help of quality tools

  > Provides manual and automated testing for your applications


  > Lets you create Windows applications

  > Offers various programming languages

  > Helps to create the right workspace for developers and programmers

  > Gets you with static code analysis, code metrics, database unit testing, and many more


  > Comparing to the ultimate edition this pack lacks in some of the features concerning software development, database, testing or reporting tools.

Bottom Line

All in all, Visual Studio Premium is very close to assist you with everything that can be demanded from an integrated development environment for developing various computer applications. So, download Visual Studio Premium for free to build various applications and improve the productivity as this tool supports Windows, IOS, Android, and web.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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