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VitalSigns for IP Description

VitalSigns for IP is a robust IP monitor for mainframes, TCP/IP networks and z/OS communication servers. The program provides IP network monitoring, FTP monitoring, OSA monitoring, enterprise extender monitoring, and network history reporting.

The networking tool helps you proactively resolve various network problems such as speed up response-times, increase throughput and availability, exceed service-level agreement and reduce network outages. The application provides real-time graphic displays of network health, status, performance and traffic at some of the common desktop browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer.

The system utility monitors your entire network and reports which applications are running and who’s using them. Download VitalSigns for IP to monitor status, health and performance of your network.

The free network monitoring service can verify service-level agreements and is able to trigger automatic repairs by sending alerts to VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control (VNAC).

Basically, VIP monitoring agents on z/OS systems deliver their monitoring data to a single VIP server. The server, in turn, delivers network data in HTML format to users at desktop web browsers.

The VIP server often runs on z/OS systems via Unix System Services. However, you can configure VIP agents to report to multiple VIP servers, because the redundancy insures against breakdown. VIP servers can run outside of z/OS systems. They provide same user-end experience for Windows, Unix and Linux.

Key Features of VitalSigns for IP

 > Delivers performance data and trouble alerts in real time

 > Views response time for all TCP application connections

 > Provides quick access to bar, pie and line charts of historical network data

 > Alerts you via email if response-time degrade

 > Displays number of connections and data-transfer rates in real time

 > No blind spots as it monitors the entire network in detail

 > Provides real-time data about status changes for every SNMP node in your network

 > Filters trace data to display specific ports, addresses and protocols

 > Customizable alerts

 > Automatically discovers the local MVS network configuration

 > Can monitor CSM, telnet, FTP, socket-application status, performance and availability

 > Supports host-level security via RACF

The Pros

 > Uses less CPU resources

 > Selects and filters event logs for the entire network

 > Monitors multiple mainframe hosts from a single screen

 > Sends UDP and ICMP pings

 > Efficient monitoring of network

The Cons

 > Displays real-time and historical network data only at common desktop browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer

The Bottom Line

VitalSigns for IP is a reliable and easy-to-use network monitoring utility that detects, diagnose, resolve and prevent mainframe TCP/IP problems on z/OS networks. If you are looking for the best tool to monitor your mainframe network, especially the mainframe IP network, you should opt for VIP for Windows.

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