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VMware Workstation Pro Description

VMware Workstation pro is an efficient virtualization tool that lets you run and test multiple operating systems on the same computer without affecting its performance. The utility is much helpful for people who need to run and test software on different platforms.

Developed by VMware, the program is widely used by IT professionals like power users, system administrators and developers all over the world to perform complex software testing and development processes. It is widely regarded as a powerful way to increase productivity.

VMware Workstation Pro has a simple yet organized interface. Launching the app will open a Home panel that has shortcuts to all important tools featured in the app. Apart from this; the multi-tabbed layout of the app lets you open multiple windows at the same time. In case you’re a beginner and know nothing about the program, you can use a built-in wizard for creating a new virtual machine. You can also find several tutorials and help guides on the Web to get along.

Using the developer tool, you can perform a variety of tasks like transferring files between different virtual machines, analyzing different software on different platforms, changing workstation preference settings and much more. You can download VMware Workstation Pro for Windows right now to start using different virtual machines on your computer.

Key features of VMware Workstation Pro

 > Powerful 3D graphics – DirectX and OpenGL 3.3 support

 > Lets you create restricted and encrypted Virtual machines

 > Latest hardware support

 > Enhanced IPv6 support

 > Supports high-resolution displays like 4K UHD and QHD+

 > Capable of running multi-tired and 3D applications simultaneously

The Pros

 > Handy virtualization tool

 > Lets you run different virtual machines on one PC

 > You can drag and drop virtual machines from PC to cloud

 > Enhance team collaboration and improved connectivity

 > Lets you automatically suspend virtual machines upon host shut down

Bottom Line

VMware Workstation Pro is one of the most popular virtualization tools for Windows and there is a justified reason behind it. Its interactive interface, awesome design, high performance, and cutting edge features are able to immediately impress you to the core. You’ll never find working on virtualization so easy and exciting. In simple words, the utility is a boon for IT Professionals. No matter the paid version is a little pricey; still, you’ll get everything you need to work on multiple systems simultaneously.

You must try it at least once. You’ll definitely admire it!

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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