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WindowBlinds Description

Get thousand of new looks to choose from for your Windows operating system and enjoy a customized PC. WindowBlinds is one of the most preferred desktop enhancement utilities across the globe. You can use WindowBlinds to completely redesign the look and feel of Windows on your system. The desktop utility helps skin your Windows’ desktop interface with its wide array of customization options.

It can be used to apply special visual effects and styles termed as skins, across the whole UI of Microsoft Windows OS, including the start menu, push buttons, task bars, title bars, etc. In this way, it gives you complete access over the way your Windows looks.

WindowBlinds is an all-in-one solution when it comes to offer the best appearance to your Windows. Customizing your system is likely the first thing one does after buying a new computer or after reinstalling the operating system. This is where the widgets tool shows its quality.

Been around for many years until now, the Windows application has undergone constant improvements and expansions. The latest version of WindowBlinds lets you customize your system from tip to toe, including Windows skins, fonts, wallpapers, start menu, and a lot more options.

No need to restart your system, no fussing with the DLL files, no mess at all! Free WindowBlinds software handles everything with just a click. Download WindowBlinds to experience a well-organized and nice-looking PC right away.

It has a well-designed interface which allows you to browse different categories, including colors, textures, visual styles, and wallpapers. Then you can select the ones you wish to apply. Apart from it, the desktop application also provides a quick preview of the selected option, along with additional configuration settings to customize it.

This includes, setting the color you want on your Window skin. Just click on “Apple Changes” to implement changes on all selected elements.

WindowBlinds can change the look and feel of

 > The Start bar

 > Explorer Views

 > Title bars

 > Border

 > Progress animations and virtually every part of your OS!

The pros

 > Apple custom skins to desktop

 > Add a number of backgrounds, colors, and textures to skins

 > Select skin fonts of your own type

 > Design your own skins with the in-built SkinStudio

 > Easy to use

 > No system restart required

 > Highly customizable

The cons

 > Lack of advanced options

 > Support limited Windows versions

The bottom line

All in all, Stardock’s WindowBlinds is a simple yet effective program to change the way your desktop looks and works. Use the operating system customization tool to customize every bit of elements in the interface with the help of tons of personalization options and tools. What’s more? It’s absolutely free so try it now.

48.28 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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