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Windows Live Family Safety Description

Developed by Microsoft, Windows Live Family Safety is a security software to save your kids from the ill effects of Internet and make PC usage safer for them. With a professional layout and a great deal of flexibility, the program monitors your kid’s activities on computer, and allows you to restrict access to particular games, websites, or apps.

As long as you have administrative rights, the application lets you set security ratings for any user. For each selected user, you can control the visited websites by setting the filtering level. The Internet access controller software lets you create a whitelist or blacklist, as well as protect your child from being exposed to the harmful online content. Download Windows Live Family Safety to keep an eye on your child’s online activities.

Formerly known as Microsoft Family Safety, the free parental control software for PC allows you to block file downloads and restrict video game access based on their ratings. You can also enable its Safe Search option, which blocks adult content in search results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other popular search engines.

Key features of Windows Live Family Safety

 > Web filtering: Allows you to select websites for your child. It also includes an ‘Allow List Only’ option that gives you the ability to block access to all websites that are not in your whitelist

 > Image filtering: Features an image filter that blurs the adult content in images

 > Activity reporting: You can view the device usage time, file downloads, used applications, visited websites and games played by your kid. Parents may also choose to receive activity report as a weekly email for each child

 > App, games & media limits: Enables you to set an age rating for apps, music, movies, and games that a child can use. Whenever a child attempts to access any content rated above the defined ratings, he/she can send a request to parents asking for permission

The pros

 > Multi-user support

 > Enables you to set time allowance and curfew hours for your kid’s web usage

 > Lets you track your child’s mobile location on a map

 > Game playing can be restricted based on ESRB ratings

The cons

 > Web filtering only works with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers

 > No support for other non-Windows mobile and desktop platforms

The bottom line

Windows Live Family Safety is an effective solution to safeguard your kids when they are online. You can also use this monitoring application to restrict your kids’ instant messaging and email access by selecting some specific contacts on Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail. So you’ll always know with whom your child is talking to.

Moreover, the Windows software has a lot of flexibility in terms of both monitoring and controlling the activities of your child. Users can adapt Windows Live Family Safety as per their needs. Given the program is totally free, it is worth downloading and checking out.

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