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XChat Description

XChat is popular communication software that allows you to chat on the Internet with your friends. It offers choice between the two interfaces, a tabbed document or tree interface. The XChat IRC provides support for multiple servers and various configuration options. Both graphical and command line versions are available.

This fully featured messaging and chat application comes with all the basic functionalities found in other IRC clients, including nick completion, connection to multiple servers, secure connections, DCC, CTCP file transfers, and plugins for various programming languages. Plugins allow you to extend the features and functionality of XChat.

The default view of this Internet utility is a “tree view”, but it can also be configured to a tabbed interface. Tabs change color when text arrives; other users enter or leave channels, or when a user addresses another user’s nickname. This instant messaging and VoIP software displays clickable operator commands, and allows customization of fonts, timestamps, event sounds, and logging.

XChat for Windows implements all standard IRC commands, along with DCC chatting, which allows you to communicate even if the IRC server is disconnected. Download XChat and connect with other users to chat with them.

Key features of Xchat

 > Clean interface

The interface is clear, well-organized and intuitive. Channels can be laid out in tabs as well as tree structure

 > Automatic spellcheck

As you type, your text will be automatically checked for spelling errors and you also get spelling suggestions for misspelled words

 > Command-line arguments

You can access different functions using various commands

 > Excellent plugin library

It has an extensive library that contains a wide range of plugins and scripts

 > Highly customizable

While most clients just allow theme or style change, free XChat gives full control over how it looks

 > The Xchat folder

Xchat saves various settings, configurations, scripts and log files in your XChatDir folder

 > Log files

You can view the log files by clicking “Open Data Folder” in the Logging section of the settings window

The Pros

 > Open source application

 > Private conversations

 > Assigns predetermined nicks for each channel

 > Adds channels to the favorites list

 > Open channels automatically when you launch the program

 > Add or delete servers or channels

 > Color texts

The Cons

 > Development has stopped. Latest release was in 2010

The Bottom Line

XChat latest version allows all the users on a channel to communicate, even if they don’t know each other previously, something that isn’t possible with other messaging application. To sum it up, XChat is an ideal IRC client for you, as it doesn’t require any computing knowledge because of its simple interface. 

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