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Xfire Description

Xfire is an amazing online gaming solution that monitors in real time that when and where your friends are playing PC games. The application allows users to join their friends while playing games.

Once installed, the desktop utility detects the games you have installed on your hard drive and shows them in a manageable list. The program also includes a contact list that shows which game your online friends are playing and for how many hours. If you also have that particular game in your system, then this gaming tool will allow you to join your friends instantly.

The Windows software works as a game server browser and an instant messenger. Download Xfire to enhance your gaming experience. Users can even chat with their friends within the game interface while gaming.

In addition to aforementioned features, the instant messaging service also contains other useful functions such as in-game voice & IM chat, screenshot capture, video recording, files sharing, etc. The gaming platform helps you stay up-to-date about when and where your friends are gaming, without running various programs like instant messengers, IRC, or in-game friend’s lists.

One unique feature of Xfire is that it provides support for the latest online PC games, including Real Time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooters (FPS), and Role Playing Games (RPG).

Key Features of Xfire

 > Keeps track of online gaming activity of your friends and lets you join them instantly

 > Advanced file downloading system

 > Easily create unique identity of gamers

 > Lets you instantly chat with friends and fellow gamers

 > Powerful server browser

 > Built-in stats tracking and miniprofiles

 > IM capabilities within games

 > Displays online friends along with the game they are playing and server they are using

 > Can create a social profile to show off some information about yourself

 > Can take screenshots while playing a game

 > In-game Internet-browsing capability

 > Allow users to create clans and guilds about games on Xfire website

 > Features tournaments that allows you to connect to a free server to play games against others on separate platforms

The Pros

 > YouTube video sharing

 > Voice chat

 > Video capturing while gaming

 > Join your friends’ game with a single click

The Cons

 > Takes screenshots of games only that have Xfire in-game support

 > In-game video recording may impact game performance

The Bottom Line

Xfire is a freeware utility that provides gamers with everything needed for the superior PC gaming experience. It also includes a server that warns about new files and patches related to your games. In short, Xfire is an IM client for PC gamers with power-packed features.

15.58 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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