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Yahoo! Widgets Description

Yahoo! Widgets is an exclusive run-time environment to help you run widgets on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The desktop utility provides an easy way to stay always updated and save time while accessing the web. It enables you to view your favorite Internet services at-a-glance right from your desktop.  

Widget is a small application that is able to bring more power to your desktop. You can add as many widgets as you like as it allows you to instantly access to anything from a simple alarm clock to a weather forecasting tool.

Yahoo! Widget Engine, formerly known as Konfabulator, takes full advantage of latest advanced graphics. The program allows widgets to blend fluidly into your system without the constraints of custom window borders. Free download Yahoo! Widgets to get latest gadgets for your PC.

Apart from this, the Yahoo! Widgets gallery offers over 4,000 desktop widgets. The application includes twenty-two default widgets, including Wi-Fi signal checker, Yahoo! mail manager, iTunes remote and calendar. The widgets’ format is completely open and easy to learn. Thus, users are also able to create their own widgets.

You can change the layout, feel and even functionality of a widget according to the needs that suits you best. The latest version of Yahoo! Widgets comes with a revamped look.

Key Features of Yahoo! Widgets

 > Helps you get all of your personalized updates at one place

 > Full HTML support

 > Allow developers to create an entire widget UI using HTML and AJAX

 > Supports WebKit and Adobe Flash

 > Implements W3C- compliant Document Object Model (DOM)

 > Can add or remove widgets easily

 > Heads-Up Display (HUD) to quickly showcase all the open widgets at once

 > Features dock that shows all widgets with representative icons

 > Flexible Application Programming Interface (API) with JavaScript

 > Lets you download webpages from the Internet

 > Includes built-in interface to run OS specific codes such as shell scripts

 > Features SQLite to create and modify databases

 > Automatically check gallery widgets for update

The Pros

 > Saves time with live updates right to your desktop

 > Thousands of widgets available

 > Convenient and eye-catching view of widgets

The Cons

 > Running many widgets at once sometimes leads to hogging up system resources

 > Weather information is not accurate

 > Requires permanent Internet connection to be updated

The Bottom Line

Yahoo! Widgets is one of the best desktop widgets that provides native environment for Yahoo! small applications. In short, the Windows software is a valuable tool with comprehensive features that make it really helpful to all kinds of users.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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