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Developer Tools

Adobe - 99.84 MB (Shareware)

Adobe Dreamweaver is an ultramodern web authoring utility. The WYSIWYG editor is an excellent tool for designers as well as developers with its fairly simple design and code view.

WampServer - 41.50 MB (Freeware)

WampServer is a web development environment for Windows. Developers can use WampServer for creating web applications with MySQL, PHP, and Apache2 database. In addition, it offers PHPMyAdmin that helps in managing your databases easily.

Visual Studio Premium
Microsoft - 1.23 MB (Freeware)

Visual Studio Premium developed by Microsoft is an IDE (Integrated Development environment). It assists you with many resources which can be used to build productive and high-quality applications.

Oracle - 117 MB (Freeware)

VirtualBox is a simple yet powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization utility, designed for enterprise as well as for personal use. The developer tool is not only famous for high performance and jaw dropping features, but it is also the only open source software in its category.

Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Corporation - 60.80 MB (Freeware)

Microsoft Visual Basic is an efficient and reliable third-generation event-driven programming language as well as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) released by Microsoft. Visual Basic, derived from BASIC, is relatively intuitive and easy-to-use software. The utility is good for developing Windows interfaces.